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9 Lies You Hear in Church

Popular Christianity has often reduced deep spiritual truths to simple bumper-sticker statements or theological sound-bites and these can change the way that people understand their faith. In this sermon series we expose some of the more unhelpful (and misleading) things Christians say and look at the deeper truth that doesn’t get said enough.

1. Everything Is Fine September 9
2. If You Pray Hard Enough, God Will Answer September 16
3. God Never Gives You More than You Can Bear September 23
4. Christians Should Always Be Happy September 30
5. Our Faith Gets Us to God October 7
6. The Bible Teaches Us How to Live October 14
7. Sacred Is the Opposite of Secular October 21
8. It’s All Part of God’s Plan October 28
9. Salvation is About Getting into Heaven November 4


Inspired by and based in part upon Steve McVey’s 52 Lies Heard in Church Every Sunday (and Why the Truth Is So Much Better)